The Becoming of Management

13 09 2011

I start with a quote from one of my management professors here at the University of Nevada, Reno:

“Management may be common sense, but it is not a common practice”

-Professor Francis Ryan

For more than a century now, management has been one of the most important sectors in the business world. It has allowed us to be able to coordinate large groups of employees. Before the 1900s, businesses were run with only a few employees, who were generally close to the boss, often times related to the boss. Once we reached the industrial revolution, we started to see factories filling up with hundreds of employees. This shift in the organizational structure required strong management, in order to work with everyone effectively, efficiently and ethically to achieve the organizational objectives. The new design required managers to plan out ways to hire, train, coordinate, lead and deal with the problems of large groups of employees. As we have grown in the last century, we have seen many changes in the world of management.

With business as a giant system, it cannot run without management. An organization will not be able to run unless there is good management leading the human action towards the objectives. Organizations need to realize that the employees are the most essential asset to the company, therefore they need to have effective managers. When that relationship is not 100%, the organization will never be 100%… No matter how amazing the other sectors of the business perform.

In an ethical way, each organization can make changes towards increased efficiency. I am looking to share my unique experiences and knowledge in order to help organizations towards optimization.




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