Are they really TOO overqualified?

22 09 2011

During this dreadful recession, we have all felt the effects of the grim job market. With the unemployment rate floating around 9%, there are just too many people out of work. Companies are in distress about the hiring process as they are seeing roughly five applicants to every job opening. Human Resource departments are receiving applicants with such a wide range of abilities and experience. It is difficult to match the right talent to the right position. An all too common circumstance is when the HR department is receiving the “overqualified” applicant.

The classic mindset has been to not hire these applicants because they will end up costing the company more money than someone with adequate qualifications. The common thought goes that they will request a salary more in line with their experience, and they will cause a higher turnover, once they find a more desirable position elsewhere. These may both be true, but should not hinder the fact that they are valuable to the company with their “overqualified” experience.

This is a time where some companies are stepping up to the plate and improving the organization by hiring the “overqualified” applicants. The value that these experienced workers can bring to the company can be priceless. Companies need to take advantage of the abundance of well-qualified workers applying for positions in which they are “overqualified”. These employees with contribute a great amount of value to the environment as skills and experience rub off on the surrounding employees.

Three big reasons why these candidates are good for the organization are 1) they are very likely to be able to do the job well and even contribute extra to the position in order to keep themselves interested and 2) they are just as grateful as anyone to land a position in the tough job market and 3) they can share their knowledge and expertise to their fellow employees at that level.

In the next post, we will explore the mindset that a company should take into account when hiring an “overqualified” employee.


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