Are they not performing well?

1 10 2011

A leader needs to make sure that all of their employees are performing well. Why are you going to spend money on an employee if they are not going to create value for the organization? It can be easy at times for an organization to have groups of employees. There are those who go above and beyond with every project they do, there are those who get by and do what they are asked of, and complete the projects on time, and then there are those who do just enough to get by, occasionally produce results, and cannot be regarded as overachievers or innovators. The latter of these groups are not creating value for your organization. The business environment is so dynamic, every employee needs to be innovative and they need to perform better each day.

The responsibility of the leader is to make sure that everyone is creating value for the organization. If the employees are empowered and engaged, they will perform. The leader needs to provide employees with meaningful work. Employees need to know how their work contributes to the overall success of the organization. Every job serves a bigger purpose, and is essential to the organizational strategy.

A great leader knows with directing style and which behaviors will lead to motivated, satisfied and well performing employees.

Before you look at terminating an employee who is not performing well, take a look at the leadership. The leader needs to communicate to the employee, the importance of the metrics they positively affect with each role they perform. Tasks are often turned meaningless when the leader does not take in opinions or involvement from their followers. Every employee is talented and talented employees want to be involved. If you limit them from doing this, they will not perform, and you are not performing the role of a leader.

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1 10 2011
Executive MBA (@EMBAUNR)

I agree! keep it up.

2 10 2011

Thank you for following! -Zach

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