It’s not about you… It’s about them!

8 10 2011

Effective leadership is more about the way others perceive you than the way you perceive yourself. Leaders lead and followers follow, right? What if, as a leader, you believed you were leading but no one was following? What if your employees believed they were being led but in reality there was no leadership? We like to believe we are effective and efficient leaders using our perception of what an effective and efficient leader is as a benchmark. Our supposed followers may have a very different perception. It does not matter whose perception is right or whose perception is wrong — what does matter is that what we perceive, we believe.

The only way to become a great leader is to understand the perceptions your followers have of you. There is no single way to be a leader. Leaders are not born. No leader is the same as the next. In other words, it can’t be taught, and it definitely cannot be inherited. The key to being a leader is to know your followers. It is all about the two-way relationship between the leader and the follower. It happens too often that leaders develop themselves to what they think is the perfect leader, or their leader prototype.




5 responses

10 10 2011

Great input on being a leader.

11 10 2011
Dario Hunt (@iamdhunt)

I’ve checked out your work over here man, and I like it. You’ve got a nice clean style of writing keep it up. What are you trying to do after school?

11 10 2011

@Garrett, thanks for following!

@Dario, thanks for reading, Dario, I’m glad you like it. I like what you’re doing with your brand!
I’m not sure what I’m going to do after school. I would like go towards management and maybe try to look within some international companies. What are you trying to do?

12 10 2011
Dario Hunt (@iamdhunt)

That’s cool are you trying to stay within the skiing industry? I should be playing professionally after I graduate. But I also have a lot of things planned for the site since it’s already garnered so much attention. I figure the best job is the one you create. lol

13 10 2011

@Dario I agree, the best job IS the one you create. You have done some awesome work with your site, you should keep it going. It’s going to be big! I’m not sure if I want to stay within the skiing industry. I would really like to stay within some kind of sports industry.

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