Empowerment Leads to Efficiency

13 10 2011

Leadership is the key to efficiency on a project. It is important that there is a plan to identify the issues within the project and have solutions for them. A manager cannot detect every issue- they are not super heroes. The most efficient way to work through your projects is to make sure your followers are comfortable identifying the problems and contributing suggestions to fix them. Leaders assume that if there is a problem in the process, the people will tell us, but sometimes they don’t. There can be a lot at risk to tell the boss they have a better way to do things. When team members cannot openly express their ideas for the project, there is valuable team energy that is being wasted. Since the people working on the project might be timid to bring up issues, it is the leader’s responsibility to develop the close relationship with them.

The new style of leadership is to empower everyone working on the project. Each team member can contribute his or her ideas to making the process more efficient. The way to produce exceptional results and complete projects efficiently is to let the team lead the project. The team needs have the power to overcome the issues that arise during the process. The team needs to feel comfortable speaking up against the process when they see a problem.

It is important to check your team. Are you as a leader focusing on your people?

  • When the process breaks down, do the people on your team feel empowered and justified to speak up?
  • As leaders do we provide our team with the responsibility and reward to bring up team issues that eventually bog down the process?
  • Are we ready to hear and tackle these people issues with passion and are we committed to finding solutions that focus on people *and* improve the process?

When leading a team, empower them. Empower every member on the team. Each member naturally sees the project differently, and they each have their own ideas on how to make the process efficient. Once everyone is involved the results will improve and.



Photo Credit: 21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning






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1 11 2011
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