It’s About Communication

20 10 2011

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

— James Humes


Effective communication is an essential element of leadership. The job of the leader is to build pride within their team. Leaders are effective when they become champions at communication, being able to inspire and unite people around the same purpose and goal. They can guide strategic conversations that get people working toward a vision, key strategic themes, and the values that can help an organization reach desired outcomes.


The necessary elements to a productive strategic conversation are:

1) Establish an open communication climate; the leaders share all types of information throughout the company at all levels.

2) Ask questions; Leadership is about asking questions to get people to think and empowering them to find the answers.

3) Listen; Listening helps create an open communication climate, because people are willing to share their ideas, suggestions and problems if they think someone is listening to them and values what they say.

4) Practice discernment; When a leader listens with discernment, they are able to detect the unarticulated messages hidden below the surface of complaints, behavior and actions.

5) Encourage dialogue; The most powerful way of communication, when a group is actively sharing and listening to each other.

Leadership means communication with others in such a way that they are influenced and motivated to perform actions that further common goals and lead toward desired outcomes.

When leading your team, make sure that communication is strong, and everyone feels comfortable sharing his or her ideas.




4 responses

20 10 2011
Lee Andrew

Great post Zach, so true, thanks!

23 10 2011

Thanks for following, Lee!

20 10 2011
Kendra Wilson-Change Agent

Remember what Norm says, “A group becomes a team when each member is sure enough of him[/her]self and his[/her] contribution to praise the skills of the others.”

Also, you should check out my snowskating blog which is entirely relevant to this discussion on leadership.

1 11 2011
Be The Approachable Leader « Zachary Fretz

[…] Approachable leadership creates an open door policy for new ideas. It will effectively establish an open communication environment and a higher level of communication. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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