Increase Productivity In A Sensitive Environment

21 10 2011

Despite the substantial goals of high productivity, organizations are not in the trend of hiring more talent. With the same employee pool, organizations today are constantly trying to increase productivity and grow at a healthy rate. Without stretching employees to the breaking point, leaders must continue to motivate them and give them more tasks and responsibilities.  The strains of an increased workload from colleagues who have been laid off combined with growing expectations within the company may impose big challenges for the leaders.

There are three important tasks that leaders must implement in order to be effective at increasing productivity in already stretched employees:

1)  Communicate – clearly inform employees what the leadership team expects as the business is constantly adapting to keep up with rapidly changing market requirements.

2) Reprioritize – help employees prioritize between the tasks that are no longer critical to achieving new expectations for growth, and the ones that are crucial for the organization.

3) Recognize – reinforce these new priorities by recognizing and rewarding employees for progress and achievements in these areas.

It is a difficult task to lead an organization to higher productivity without increasing the number of employees. A leader needs to strategically design the workplace and empower the followers in order to see higher productivity. Your employees want to help you achieve your goals, but they need clear communication, priorities and recognition to do so.




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23 10 2011

Great views! I really enjoy your thoughts on reprioridize tasks

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