Be The Approachable Leader

1 11 2011

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In a leadership position, it is important to be approachable. The leader must be able to communicate effectively with their followers. The followers must feel comfortable approaching the leader and sharing their thoughts and ideas. An approachable leader makes sure they listen to other’s concerns. They are easy to work with in a team and are enthusiastic about new ideas. Approachable leaders are effective because their followers know they are honest and consistent.

Scott Ginsberg’s popular book, The Approachable Leader: 49 Daily Practices for Inspiring, Influencing and Infecting Your Followers, provides some questions a leader should consider to determine how approachable they actually are:

Four- Who wants to sit in your radius?

Leading is being able to influence your followers. Success will come when the leaders develop themselves into someone that people simple want to be around. An influential person is someone who not only has great ideas and can communicate those ideas, but also someone who gets people around them involved. These people influence people though what they believe, what they say, what they do, and who they are.

SevenAre you making communication a relaxing experience?

Do people avoid communication with you because they fear stress, embarrassment, or disappointment? It is crucial to make sure that followers feel comfortable expressing their ideas, without fear of negative scrutiny. Not all great ideas will come from upper management. Everyone in the organization must feel that they can share ideas with their leader.


A leader can be effective and gain trust when they are approachable. The followers must always feel comfortable approaching the leader. Approachable leadership creates an open door policy for new ideas. It will effectively establish an open communication environment and a higher level of communication.


How do you make sure you are approachable?




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