Praise The Right Way

10 11 2011

It is important to praise your employees. Positive reinforcement is essential to maintaining motivation. If an employee feels that their work is being unnoticed, they will become unmotivated and their performance will likely decrease. In addition to motivating employees, it helps communicate the good behaviors that are expected in the position. The positive reinforcement will lead to them continuing to work hard.

Employees who receive recognition for their achievements are more enthusiastic about their work, more cooperative, and more open to change. When you show appreciation and reward employees for good work, you increase their job commitment and organizational loyalty.

It is important, when praising your employees, to praise them for their efforts and their achievements, rather than their skills. Although employees like to feel smart and talented, attributing their achievements to hard work rather than natural attributes will drive motivation. By linking their successes with hard work and a strong effort, they will repeat those actions in the future. If you link them to a natural ability or quality, they won’t find the need to perform the same way to get to those results.




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