Give Breaks Where Breaks Are Due

24 11 2011


 Inspired by the holiday season and the upcoming Black Friday- the biggest shopping day of the year. A lot of my friends will be out there working this Thanksgiving evening well through the day tomorrow.

It is important, while working these hectic days, to give breaks and let your employees recharge. It is wild day for all retail outlets around the country. Often times, employees will show up later in the evening, and work through the night and into the next afternoon. The stores see sales jump astronomically on this day. The turnover and customer traffic requires that all employees be on their ‘A-game’.

Employees need their breaks. Not only will they be working upwards of 10 to 12 hour days, those hours will be filled with some of the most stressful and active working times of the year. If you want your employees to stay effective and remain positive with their customers throughout the day, let them have the proper breaks they need.

Have a great Thanksgiving and a fun Black Friday! Whether you’re working or shopping- take care!


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