Create A Thank You Habit

26 11 2011

Get out of the envelope!

It is important to recognize and reward hard work in the organization. Recognition and reward result in increased motivation. Employees need to know that the executives and their managers acknowledge and appreciate hard work.

It is important to give credit where credit is due. That is not to say that each manager should be personally shaking each employee’s hand when they complete their normal required duties. It is to say however, that personal actions of appreciation should be given when the employee goes above and beyond and/or their performance leads to great results.

Showing appreciation builds good will within the organization and helps to create a culture of trust.

Here are some ways that a ‘thank you habit’ can be developed:

Create a process for recognition. Design a process where managers and supervisors at each level can recognize hard work and great results. The workplace is fast-paced and people are traveling and moving around constantly. It is difficult to pay attention to all employees at the same time. Keep it simple.

Make it personal. The more personal the thank you is, the more value it has. A written acknowledgement on a newsletter is not the same as a handshake and a thank you from an executive. A personal thank you noticed by the co-workers can increase motivation for everyone.

It costs nothing. A personal thank you is effective and it costs nothing. Recognition and reward programs do not need to be an elaborate and expensive operation. Make a genuine connection with someone who has done something you appreciate and let them know.

Act on the Thank You. We all fall victim to appreciating things people do for us and never saying anything. Make the connection with the employee and show them that you really do notice the good work and you really do appreciate it. 


Thank you to everyone who has read my blog or followed me through wordpress, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. I appreciate all of the comments and feedback provided.


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