Closing The Gap

30 11 2011

The flow of communication between departments must be clean well understood. Often times, the quality of the organization is not at its maximum potential because they have poor communication. Poor communication leads to additional questions and things having to be done multiple times, due to misunderstanding. Further, the organization cannot function to its full potential when the departments are not achieving their tasks in an efficient manner.

Interdepartmental communication can be improved so long as the effort is put forth to do so.

What can be done to help your organization become more efficient with its interdepartmental communication?

1. Identify What Information is Really Needed.

Each department should develop a list of the kind of information they feel is lacking from other departments. This should be need-to-know information. The nice-to-know information can just get in the way.

2. Conduct Team Building with Department Heads.

Properly conducted team building can improve how well department heads work with each other. Typically this requires the use of an outside professional with experience getting senior managers to coalesce as a team.

Standard operating procedures should include steps that outline when and how information should flow between departments.

4. Implement Job Rotation.

Rotating employees through other departments can help them get to know their co-workers and gain a fuller understanding of what they do. This will provide employees with a more rounded perspective of how the work of the organization is conducted and the importance of sharing information between departments.

5. Think Of The Other Departments

Ask not what information other departments can provide to you. Ask what information you can provide to other departments. Encourage employees to commit to provide this information on a regular basis.

Try a few of these exercises and look for better communication in between the departments. The more you look for ways to improve your communication, the more areas you will find room for improvement.




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