Create A Culture of Trust

3 12 2011

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.”

-Ernest Hemingway

It is important that you trust your employees and they trust you back equally. The best way to insure a culture of trust is transparency. If you are straightforward with your employees, there will not be much room for dishonesty. Trust is the most important element in building an effective team. It needs to be clear to your employees what you expect out of them, and how you will be making sure that they are meeting your expectations.

An organization with a rich culture of trust must convey trustworthy behavior. Not only is it gaining trust from the team, but you must also trust them. If you don’t give them a line of trust, they will not want to trust you in return. There must be transparency. If you want trust, you cannot keep secrets from others.

When implementing a culture of trust, start with the top of the organization.

1) Capability Trust. Allow people to make decisions, lead discussions, and trust that their ideas and input will be useful and helpful to the organization.

2) Contractual Trust. Be consistent in terms of keeping agreements and managing expectations.

3) Communication Trust. Share information, provide constructive feedback and speak with good purpose about people.






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